Ama Shigure

時雨 亜麻



3 June






Demon, Mother

Appears In:

Side character - Really? Really!

Side character - Shuffle!

Japanese voice actor


English voice actor

Jamie Marchi

Ama Shigure is Asa's mother and a side character in the Shuffle! series.


She has the habit of drastically reducing names to cute nicknames (Asa for instance is referred to as "A-chan") and for wearing a cat-ear hat. At first glance, she seems far too young to be a mother, and it surprises the other characters to learn that she is. Ama and Asa seem, at surface observation, to be more like good friends and room-mates. She is also talented in the culinary arts, though is not as proficient of a cook as her daughter.


Ama was once a demon who dwelt in the demon realm. For reasons unknown, she fell into deep, near-suicidal depression. Feeling that she had nothing to lose, Ama volunteered to be one of the test subjects for the joint- god & demon project, which aimed to create a superior magical being. Though successful, the terrible strain of genetic modifications and experiments were too much for Ama, and she lost control of her enhanced powers, albeit for only a short time.

In a large explosion, Ama simultaneously destroyed the lab facility and teleported herself to Earth, specifically Japan. There she was found by an unknown japanese male, who brought her back to his home and nursed her back to full health; he then allowed her to live with him. Eventually, she became infatuated with her caretaker, and they married some time after. From that bond, Ama gave birth to Asa.

Ama's husband died from an unknown sacrifice to protect his daughter and wife.