Shigure Asa

時雨 亜沙



20 October







Appears In:

Main character - Really? Really!

Main character - Shuffle!

Side character - Shuffle! Love Rainbow

Japanese voice actor

Miki Itō

English voice actor

Monica Rial

Asa Shigure is a main character in the Shuffle! series. She is a senior at Verbena Academy and in the cooking club with Kaede Fuyou. As a result, she and Rin Tsuchimi share a love-hate relationship (though they're more like bad company to each other). Her best friend is Kareha.


While she has a weak constitution, she makes up for it with her energetic personality. Despite being a touch of a tomboy, she is an excellent cook. She uses English loan words often and is notable for her "Hello!" greeting which is her catchphrase. She does not have long ears , even though she's half-demon. She is responsible and diligent, but also cheerful and quick to join in. However, she also has a lesser-known tendency to depend on others. She enjoys hard work and eating cake. She has a dislike for magic, because the demon power of her always caused her to be sick during childhood.


Asa is the daughter of Ama, a devil and a unknown man. She is Rin's friend and senpai.

From time to time she'd flirt with Rin, tease him, and give him a nice big slap on the back. However, it was later revealed that there were numerous guys who had a secret crush on her. Nevertheless, nothing much came out of it as she rejected them and the show didn't dwell any deeper into the issue. Later on in the series Rin finally expresses his feelings for her and then later becomes her boyfriend. Asa had suffered from a sickness due to the magic from her mother overwhelming her human body and the only cure for that sickness was to use her magic. She remained so stubborn about not using her magic that she nearly died from her sickness and, Rin couldn't think of anyway to convince her until she escaped from the hospital and, went to the overlook where Rin first confessed his love for Asa. While they were at the overlook Rin took a boxcutter and cut his own wrist because, he was unwilling to live without her. Fortunately for them both this was enough to convince Asa to use her magic which ended up saving both Rin and Asa's lives.