March 6





Appears In:

Shuffle! Essence+

Japanese Voice Actor

Komugi Nishida

Daisy is a side character and appears as a heroine in Shuffle! Essence+.


Daisy is a bubbly girl and has an tsundere personality. Her pet is Erica Suzuran, a shape shifting rabbit. She loves video games and is especially skilled at fighting and music games. She has a part time job at a maid shop.

Shuffle! Essence+

In the her storyline, she tries to get the others to join the broadcast club. She's a transfer student from the Realm of Gods. She is a member and founder of the broadcasting club. She obsesses over Sia, who she met during childhood. She admires Sia, doing all in her power to coax her into joining her club. Daisy has an intrinsic dislike of Rin. She has no problem making this known, which leads to a few humorous situations when she insults Rin in front of Sia. Daisy enjoys playing video games, and even has a part time job working at the local arcade. Part of her route will be getting everyone else involved in the club as well.

Her route is only available in essence after the player completes the other girls' routes.



  • Unlike the other heroines, Daisy is a tsundere and does not like Rin at all. It is only through her route that she eventually warms up to him. She shares the same attitude as her pet Erica.