one of the club members, biting a hankie and crying, also served as a running gag in the anime series.

Fanclubs are clubs for dedicating Kaede, Sia, and Nerine in the anime adaption of Shuffle!. Also, the clubs served as running gags in the anime. The fanclubs mostly consists of old and weird men who also pretend that they are students of the high school. They were based on real-life fanclubs in Japan.


KKK (Kitto Kitto Kaede)Edit

KKK (Kitto Kitto Kaede/Knights of the Kissy Kaede) was a fanclub made for Kaede's dedication in the anime adaption.Their only "Ultimate" enemy is Rin Tsuchimi. They have no relation to the notorious hate group that use the same initials (humorously denoted by them being described as "not the guys with the sheets").

Knights of the Kissy Kaede, not the bad guys with sheets.

SSS (Suki Suki Sia)Edit

Sexy Sia Soldier was a fanclub made for Sia's dedication.

RRR (Ran Ran Rin-chan)Edit

Rin's Randy Raiders was a fanclub made for Nerine's dedication.

AAA (Ai Ai Asa)Edit

AAA (Ai Ai Asa) was a fanclub made for Asa Shigure's dedication. The club never existed in the anime but it has created in real life internet based fanclub.

Club member appeared in episodes:Edit

Episode 1: One member named Magnum Sakai appeared in front of Kaede and Rin to introduce himself as a member of KKK but fails to beat Rin Tsuchimi with a baseball bat placed with nails due to his unbalanced jumping and possibly surprise at Kaede's comment that she had "already given herself to him body and soul".

Episode 2: Three members appeared in front of Kaede, Rin, Sia and Nerine. The three people tried to attack Rin but they got defeated by Nerine's Magic. They later returned with more recruits and chased Rin again. After Rin was hiding under the chair when Asa is stting in a cafeteria, Rin found out that the club members found him because Kareha thought they were his friends. They chased him again until Rin hids inside the room inside the stairs, along with Itsuki. (The same gag occurs in after school)