King of Devils


King of Devils, 魔王




13 April


Demon, Father, Husband

Appears In:

Side character - Really? Really!

Side character - Shuffle!

Side character - Tick! Tack!

Japanese voice actor

Toshiyuki Morikawa

English voice actor

Vic Mignogna

King of Devils, also known as Forbesii, is Nerine's father and the lord of the realm of the devils. He is a lustful character and thus quickly gets along with Itsuki in the beginning of the game. Like the King of Gods, he too has a habit of embarrassing his daughter, and this usually leads to Nerine addressing him as "King of Devils" instead of "Father" as punishment. He is also the husband of Sage, the mother of Nerine. He love to do household chores such as cooking and cleaning.

In the game, he is more westernized than King of Gods.This can be seen from him asking Rin to call him "Papa" instead of He and King of God are in such good relationship that Sage makes a joke about them overtaking the love between her and Forbess love, in Really? Really!.


Tick Tack!Edit

Makai's young prince, also the future makai king. In "Tick Tack!", he becomes really torn between Ai and Sage, and the main character, Rin helps him make up his maid.

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