11 August





Japanese voice actor

Yukari Aoyama

Sage is Forbesii's maid and a main character in the shuffle! sequel Tick! Tack!. In the normal timeline, she married to him and is Nerine's mother.

Tick! Tack!

Sage is very energetic and cheerful in almost all circumstances. She is a great housemaker and good at concealing her feelings, especially towards Forbesii, to whom her whole heart is dedicated to. However, since Forbesii is a prince and she is just his maid, Sage tries to provide services to Forbesii and dedicate her life to it in hope that she may not have to leave him when he is married to his fiancee, Ai.

In the normal timeline, Sage had been proposed to by Forbesii after she gave him a New Year gift. However, due to the presence of Rin and company in the past, this event has been skipped and caused Nerine to turn to her red-haired form.

In the alternate timeline (which the group has meddled with), Forbesii's proposal to Sage happens after Sage tells Rin that she loves Forbesii. After that, Forbesii found both Rin and Sage at the side of the lake. Unable to face her master, Sage runs away and accidentally falls into the lake and Forbesii rushes to save her. Later on at the mansion, Sage caught a terrible cold, so she has to take a rest until the next morning. While she is sleeping and Rin watches her, Forbesii comes in to tell Rin how he felt about Sage. He proposes to Sage the very next morning.