Yae Sakura

八重 桜



9 May






High School Student

Appears In:

Main character - Navel*Plus

Main character - Really? Really!

Side character - Shuffle! Essence+ Limited Edition

Japanese Voice Actor

Oto Agumi

Sakura Yae is a childhood friend of Rin and Kaede who attended the same schools as both up till their middle school graduation. She left both to attend an all-girls high school, Strelitzia. Sakura is one of the main characters in the Really? Really! visual novel. She also appears in the visual novel Shuffle! Essence+


Really? Really!

In Really? Really!, She is revealed to be a candid and highly perceptive person. She can easily understand the atmosphere and situation. She is honest with herself and others, that she will face her feeling head on and give a firm answer. It is said that she is somewhat unfriendly to people she is not familiar with, while completely friendly to people such as her childhood friends, Kaede and Rin.


Lets us be together forever

During the elementary school time, she starts learning about cooking and inspired kaede to do the same. Somewhere during this time, she and Kaede fall in love with Rin. Although, Kaede seems to love Rin at the first sight.

It is noteable that while she is perceptive, she remain unknown to the truth of what is truly happening between Kaede and Rin when they were in the period where Kaede hates Rin because of the accident.Even so, she remain trusting toward Rin and his decision.Only after the whole suffering between Kaede and Rin,she knows the whole story.

Forunately or unforunately due to her not knowing the truth, thanks to Rin keeps avoiding her question whenever she ask for the truth, she and Kaede can still remain childhood friend the whole time.

Toward the end of middle school (Sunshine Academy), she confesses her romantic feeling toward Rin, but he remains undecided.However, Sakura understand that he cannot accept her at that time and resolves to go study in Strelitzia and pursues her passion for plushie. Sometimes she can be too focus on what she love that she temporarily forgets the environment she is in resulting in funny and embarrassing situations. During the graduation of Sunshine academy, she ask if Rin can lend her his name,and Rin agrees.Some years later, she and Rin went to get a very big black cat plushie and named it "Rin." This shows that she still loves Rin even after they went their separated ways.